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Axial Fans

Axial Fans
Axial Fans
Product Code : Fans
Brand Name : VSL Prayag
Product Description

We are counted as the leading suppliers of best quality Axial fans in the industry. Our offered fans are basically used where the system resistance variation is not too high and thus the working conditions are less harsh. These fans are procured by us from the veterans of the industry, who have wide experience of distribution as a vendor.  The high degree of evaporation that these Axial Fans ensure, makes them widely acclaimed in the market. Fans of this kind are provided with a no air washer tank.  



  • Saves power up to 65 to 80%

  • Maintenance Free

  • Tow stage filtration

     Further details:


Axial Fans

Axial Fans - Range

Dia: 1250 TO 1800

Blades: 3 T0 12

Operating: 600 Pa AT 1440 RPM

Drum Filter - Range

Dia: 1600 TO 3000

Length: 1600 TO 6400

Operating: External Cleaning with Traverse System

Drum Filter
ANC System


  • High Degree Evaporation
  • No air Washer Tank
  • 65 - 80 % Power Saving
  • Operates 30 - 70 bar
  • Two Stage Filter
  • Up to 75% Maintenance Free

Central Air Systems with or without Central Monitoring System

Vodaluft Excels in the field of Air Engineering System to Offer the Indian Market State of the Art Technology in Air Engineering. Today it's key Assets are in Air Design Project Management & Installation. The Complete Advantage is maintained by Incorporating the most Advance Technologies. Centralairsys


This system facilitates removal of heat generated & dust produced at the source it self. This is affected through central Suction system. The dust is collected through automatic filters, Stationary filters. The air masher is either induced draft OP forced draft depending upon the site conditions. The condition air is distributed through over head ducting & diffusers. The desired condition ape created by attaining a fine balance between the fresh air, return air, exhaust air & by pass air, regulating the saturation efficiency of the air washer by using the micro base controller.


A Dedicated Software Programme. Monitoring & Logs The Operation of the of the by using the micro base controller. Plants From The Logged Data. Status Of Temp & R/H. Can be Obtained. Percentage of Opening & Closing of Damper Percentage of Opening & Closing of Valve. Trands of Temp & Humidity With Respect to The Set Point.

Total plant Control

The System can control humidity, temperature, pressure, flow, ventilation, lighting, access, elevators escalators & process parameters. These Services can be fully integrated into a building control & industrial process control Systems.

Total plant Control

Users of Application

  • Sugar Factories
  • Textile Mills
  • Textile Processing & Dyeing Mills
  • Tea Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Foundries
  • Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial Establishments
  • Green House and Commercial Buildings

Salient Features

  • Vane Axial Design
  • Wider Operating Range
  • Aerofoil Profile Blades of Adjustable pitch
  • Better Pressure Capabilities
  • No Structural Interference in Air Passages


  • Power Plants
  • Metallurgical Industries
  • Boiler Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Radiators & Heat Exchanger
  • Cement Plant
  • Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Ind

Axial flow Fans

Axial flow Fans


  • Damper are like the Traffic Cops of any Sort of Air Distribution.
  • A Damper Gives the user Control Over how Much air is Distributed to a Particular Zone. A Zone can be a Room or Floor of a House Differently than just Closing a Vent on a Floor or Wall. When you Shut the Vent, the Heated or Cooled air Still Must Travel the length the air usually Sits in the Pipe and Redistributes the Airflow to the Rest of the Structure.
  • There are two type of Dampers - Manual & Motorized. Manual Dampers Work Exactly as they Sound. The user Twists a Screw Motorized Damper Works Similarly Except That The Twisting of the Screw a Done by a Machine.
  • The Sophistication Level of Motorized Dampers Varies. They can be as an Attachment to the Screw or as Advanced as Computerized Screen to Determine how far Open the Damper should be I

Leakage Dampers

  • lade out of Anodised Aluminum Gxtrusion Profile.
  • Aerofoil Shaped Blade with Gasket Secured e Groves.
  • Smooth & Soundless Movement.
  • Concealed type Gear in Heavy Duty Plastic itruction.
  • Can be Fitted with Electric / Pneumatic Actuator.
  • Industrial Anodised finish ides Excellent Resistance Against Corrosion.

Dampers are also available in

  • Construction
  • MS Construction
  • Stainless Steel luminum Extruded Profile with & Without Powder Coated/Painted

Rotary Air filter - efficient, economic, easy to maintain

The rotary air filter is a well proven fine dust filter for exhaust air with a high concentration of dust and fibres in weaving mills.

Salient Features

  • Controlling of the cleaning process by differential pressure guards.
  • Automatic cleaning of the filter drum with a suction device fitted on the side.
  • Application with pre-fabricated housing or in a walled room.
  • One filter mat per drum segment shortens the maintenance time.
Rotary Air filter

Air Washer

Air Washer
The Air Washer can be applied either in a centralized air handling system or, as a stand - alone unit in a central station of Masonry. The housing stands clear of the ground on a base frame and consists of standardized Panels. A Pump draws the water directly from a tank. In case of water filtration or of chilled water operation, an additional reservoir is used. The Air Washer is also available, without housing, for being built into a centre station of masonry.
  • Minimum Resistance to the Flow of Air
  • With or Without a Specially Designed Air Volume Control Device.
  • Available in Mild Steel, Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & PVC Materials.

Difuser & Grills

Difuser & Grills

Airfoil / Multi van fan

Airfoil / Multi van fan
  • Fans of are rugged welded construction with over-sized shaft & bearing to assure long life.
  • Inlet vanes are ideal for variable air volume systems.


  • Double & Single width fans provide the highest efficiency.
  • Lowest power & sound levels so used in air-handling-unit & evaporates from the Powder, Granular & Others.


The Basic Purpose of Eliminator was Control the Undesirable Loss of Water to Reduce the Damage Mechanical Components and to Reduce the Nuisance Caused to Equipment in due to Spray. A drift loss in the Range of 0.05% of the Circulating Water Flow Considered to Sufficient Low and acceptable. Available in PVC, G.I. Aluminium, S.S.

The Advantages of PVC Eliminators

  • Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Less expensive than
  • Easy to Install, Simple to Clean
  • Are Economical
  • Can be used in all Types of Towers
  • Made from PVC Materials
  • 100% Guaranteed Against Corrosion for the Life of your Equipment
  • Offers Low Pressure Drop
  • Can be Custom-made for any application
  • Have Longer Life Gas PVC is not Effected due to Water and inert to of
  • Can be easily Pressure Washed
  • Are Light in Weight

Air tight door

Air tight door

Salient Features

  • Available in Single Skin / Double Skin with Glass Puff Insulated
  • Available G.S. / M.S. & S.S
  • Easy Operation Handle
  • Louvers Designed. Primarily for offshore and Petrochemical Industries. The Louvers are Well Suited to Ventilation and Power Generation Air Intake and Exhaust Applications as Well as Louver Cladding Systems
  • The function of the Weather Louver is to Prohibit the Ingress of wind Driven rain the Ventilation System
  • Lotus Air High Efficiency Weather Louvers Offer the following Features
  • All Stainless Steel Construction/GI/PVC/Aluminium
  • Welded Construction
  • Integral Water Drain System via front face or Drain Boss
  • Integral Weather Grid improve Water Removal Types with an Angle Frame Option Available.
  • Optional Bird Mesh Guard (Fixed or Removable)



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